Ever Peacock

Ever Peacock


Date of birth: 11/03/1999

Sponsors: Relic

Interests outside of BMX: When I’m not riding I’m usually skateboarding or playing music

Favorite terrain: concrete or dirt

Motivation: Riding just brings so many good times, friendships, and adventures into my life. It gives me a strong sense of purpose and a reassurance that I’m living the best life I can. That’s what motivates me to keep doing it.

Lil Jon

Lil Jon

Born: Milwaukee, WI

Date of birth: 6/1/88

Sponsors: Cult , Relic , Awesome Friends

Interests outside of BMX: Trains, Punk shit , Working as little as humanly possible.

Favorite terrain: Doesn't matter I love riding everything.

Motivation: Just trying to do the most and the least all in one day.

Cody Diggle

Cody Diggle

Born: providence Rhode Island

Date of birth: march 28 1993

Sponsors: relic, fbm, circuit Bmx, profile racing, tioga, Paridolia

Interests outside of BMX: fishing hiking camping wood carving and animals

Favorite terrain: trails, woods, dirt

Motivation: in past years my motivation was to see ride and dig at as many spots as I could and to enjoy the hang time all over the world, but this year my motivation has changed towards seeing others get the feeling of flying and enjoying riding trails. So I've been building tons of smaller stuff to teach people to jump and it's been getting me stoked seeing people progress much faster with comfortable safe jumps for learning !!

Clint Reynolds

Clint Reynolds

Born: Derry NH

Date of birth: August 21st 1985

Sponsors: Relic, S&M, Credence, Empire, Etnies

Interests outside of BMX: Mods, Traveling, camping, boogie boarding

Favorite terrain: Trails

Motivation: Riding new places with old friends

Chad Osburn

Chad Osburn

Born: Fresno, Ca

Date of birth: 12/30/1990

Sponsors: Kink Bmx, Gsport, Etnies

Interests outside of BMX: videography, shows, being with family and friends

Favorite terrain: anything and everything

Motivation: traveling with friends and showing my children that you can do what you love

Ashley Charles

Ashley Charles

Born: Bournemouth, England

Date of birth: 10/15/1982

Sponsors: Relic

Interests outside of BMX: nutrition, bikes, skating, growth

Favorite terrain: cement/dirt

Motivation: My wife, activism, anarchy, anyone driving their passion forward